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Analysis of one of the hard drives unearthed more than 17,913 video files and 405,071 image files, many of which depicted children, including infants and toddlers, engaged in sexually explicit conduct.A file sharing program found on Heiting’s computer showed that he shared over 100,000 files between June 8, 2014 and January 6, 2015.

As I find businesses I like, I will use the email address you provide before you post to get in contact with you.

It sounds like you might even get some pictures of actual meetings from the personals section of the site- that's pretty unique and I'm anxious to see how that works.

The text-heaviness of the site continues in force on the main members' page.

Jack King, the husband who has probably destroyed the career of his wife, a Manitoba associate chief justice, disgraced himself even further at a judicial hearing Tuesday, writes columnist Heather Mallick.

Jack King, husband of Manitoba Justice Lori Douglas, is seen leaving federal court in Winnipeg.

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