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Around Nov 23rd, the Draconic server experienced a hard drive failure.

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We historically have attracted a strong online gaming crowd which was core to the inception of Quake Net many years ago but as one of the largest IRC networks we also have communities covering most topics imaginable.It means porting a lot of database procedures to My SQL format which could take awhile, given Kani S's limited free time.Unfortunately this does mean the daily backups of the old server will no longer be occurring but hopefully nothing will fail before I complete the move to the new server, or maybe I can find an old 20gb or larger IDE drive to use to restore the backup system.This means that windows created inside one split window cannot be moved to another split window without some effort.For example you could have following window layout: When you are in win#1 and press ALT-6, irssi jumps to split window #3 and moves the efnet/#channel2 the active window.

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