Dead and dateless dead end dating book 2 quitting dating

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See full summary » New Yorker and new doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger, Dr.

But when one of her clients turns up dead (as i SHE’D LIKE HER BLOOD BOTTLED, PLEASE!She creates a great little mythology (and apparently this is a series) but her writing is just too self-absorbed for me to spend more time on it.I will just say that it is not worthy of being in the same genre as the "Blade" movies.To make matters worse, Lil must also contend with a pack of werewolves who ask–no, demand–that she find each one a tall, dark, and handsome mate before the next full moon.Plus, the to-die-for-if-I wasn’t-already-dead Ty Bonner, a lusciously sexy lover but totally unsuitable eternity mate, is never far from her midnight fantasies. She must prove her innocence and focus on pairing off the dead and the furry–and maybe stake a claim to her own tasty true love.

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