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Jalan cerita asal tayangan telah disiarkan di HBO dari 1998 hingga 2004, dengan jumlah sembilan puluh episod.

Disetkan di New York City, persembahan ini berfokus pada empat wanita Amerika, tiga dari mereka berada dalam usia pertengahan tiga puluhan dan satu dalam usia empat puluhan.

I do not object to viewing sexually explicit material, which can include but is not limited to images or video of nude adults, adults engaged in sexual acts and/or other sexually oriented material.

Ia pada khususnya memeriksakan hidup-hidup para wanita profesional bandar besar dalam lewat 1990an/awal 2000an dan bagaimana watak dan tanggapan untuk wanita mengesankan watak-watak ini. Or my old high school teacher and his wife trying to spice up their sex lives.22. Do they have that butt sex toy that you can fuck 12 different ways? The girl then locked the door after he left, hid in a closet and texted her father: "DADDY COME HOME NOW.SOME GUY TRIED TO RAPE ME."VIDEO: Brave SJ girl describes frightening attack "The guy starts a conversation with her and when she opens up the door, the suspect pushes her in, tries to sexually assault her as well.

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