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Schreiber admitted that the fabulous warriors Christmas sweater was actually a gift for her son that didn't fit him. The spunky fan explained how she held back a bit on Wednesday.

"I was going to do the Juju but I forgot the rest of the moves but I know that you do THAT," she said demonstrating the signature Juju move.

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The Role of Science in Roman Archaeology, Schrüfer-Kolb, I. Almost overnight, the blue and gold Christmas-sweater clad dancer shot to Internet fame."After the election I kind of felt people were down and needed something more upbeat so I decided to don my sweater once again and get up and dance! When she's not busting a move at Oracle Arena, the hip-hop mama is an artist.She gave our KTVU crew a house tour, where a painting or drawing sketched by Schreiber hangs in every room. "I didn't really care for the sweater, but I wore it and when they were both there, they said come on get up and dance! "Schreiber even taught KTVU's Tara Moriarty a few moves, including the over-the-head thing. (KTVU) - A Redwood City mom and Warriors fanatic has become an overnight Internet sensation all because of her dance moves.Robin Schreiber dazzled die-hard Dubs fans at Wednesday night's Golden State Warriors' game."The Dancing Mom is what everybody calls me!

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