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They had escaped across the Tumen River to northeast China and traveled 2,000 miles south to Guangdong province, a journey that took two months. “If we’re caught helping North Koreans, the church will be shut down.” Kim took the two men home. Kim began to assist North Korean refugees clandestinely.

They hoped to find a way to slip across the border into Hong Kong. “But the church would only feed them, give them a few dollars, and let them go.” Keep up with this story and more Kim was outraged. He provided safe houses, food, clothing, and money; eventually he organized secret passage across China to third countries.

However, these NGO figures are not supported by any official data and are impossible to verify.

We have removed those statistics as we believe they are not reliable.

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Kelsey occasionally blogs at After living in Seoul for years and traveling back and forth multiple times, I’ve been asked to give advice to people on what to do and where to go in this incredible city a lot.

At the very first stage of their journey, Park recounts how her mother was raped effectively in front of her.

There was no sign on the door and no cross on the roof.The 100 or so congregants had learned about the church as Kim had, by word of mouth.Kim, a practicing Christian, became a regular attendee.The children in the photo were not runaways involved in prostitution. The report also shows 40.7 per cent of female runaway teens have experienced sexual violence.Such "families" often sleep together in hotel rooms where they've sold sex beforehand.

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