Spainsh girl dating services

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But for most of you the convenience and clarity of our timely translation exchange will be the best way to ensure that what you say is understood, and likewise for her.

The “Final comments” question at the end of each Latin woman´s profile will indicate if she speaks English.

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[Pronounced Con Kyen Andas] •Who do you usually go out with? •Sparks are flying (it’s a flirt line) 2.) Vamos al perreo [pronounced Perray-o]. Let’s say that you’re at a Mexican restaurant, bodega, Wallmart, wherever, and there’s a hot-ass Mexican working there. [Pronounced O-da-lay] “Ok there sweet-Mexican girl”!! It’s not what the hell you say, neither how you say it, but the fact that you know. What you don’t want to be using are the Holas, Como estas, hasta la vistas, because they are fucking old-fashioned and granny lingo.

[Pronounced as meh-tay and man-o] •Get involved [as in telling the Dominican girl to get into the conversational mood] 5.) Con quien andas? They also work great as openers/ice-breakers to initiate the conversation. Now if you were an obvious Latin-looking guy, she may get offended 😉 #Just Saying However, since you’re not a native-Spanish speaker, they will pardon you and instead be impressed than offended.

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For the record; these are NOT pick-up lines NOR compliments…at least not cheesy ones which will make you look like an ass-kissing Beta-Male! I have a 100% success rate at stealing Latin chicks from non-Spanish speaking guys: be it on public transportation in NYC, at the club/bar, grocery store, etc.

The purpose of these phrases and lines are to impress the Latina whom you’re approaching or chatting up already. But to impress her in the sense that she sees you as a well-learned/well-traveled guy [a huge Demonstration of High Value]. Let’s say that I’m at a bar, spot a 2-set (hot Latina being chatted up by a non-Spanish speaker), I’d draw closer to them and say: “Mira nena, ya lo se que eso tipo te aburrece a la porra. “Hey baby girl, it’s obvious that guy is boring the hell out of you. Ten out of ten times (that’s 100%), the guy would look at us in an “I’m fucked” kind of way, as the girl giggles in agreement.

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