Updating monitor

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Therefore, we ask you to make any system value changes that are needed.

To update Powertech Compliance Monitor on your system, the following system values that control object restores must be configured as shown.

For these situations, you can Retrieve Moved/Missing Tracks as described below.

If Tracks have been moved by another application to a new location, Media Monkey will automatically find the Track if the File Monitor is configured to monitor the directory to which the Track has been moved.

If you are using a version older than Cookie Monster, click here to update your Uploader App to the current version.

Once you have successfully updated your site, you will want to explore the new features available in Funnel Cake.

Please note, it may take 5-10 minutes before your site updates after updating the fork. If your site shows version If you are using Cookie Monster or Dreamsicle version of the uploader, you do not need to update your uploader application.For other cases: A dialog will appear showing moved files that have been found, files that haven't been moved, and files that couldn't be found.Of those that have been found, select the check box next to them to confirm that you want to update the library with the location indicated.Windows 10 S has been designed not to run standalone executables, like the installer below.Products using Display Link technology will get their device drivers either from OEM pre-installation or from Windows Update for supported Windows 10 S platforms.

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