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I knew that in Word, at least versions 2003 - 2013, I could create a list of current keyboard settings using the Word command "List Commands" and that I could print (hard copy) a list of custom key assignments.

This left me with a two separate incomplete lists: Option Explicit Sub List Composite Shortcuts() Dim o Doc As Word. Document Dim o Key As Key Binding Dim o Tbl_1 As Word.

Count = 0 Then Msg Box "This document contains no tables", _ vb Exclamation, "Import Word Table" Else Excel Row = 0 Sheets. Count) Col To Start = 1 For Table No = 1 To wd Doc.tables. My Script = _ "set applescript's text item delimiters to "","" " & vb New Line & _ "set the Files to (choose file of type " & _ " " & _ "with prompt ""Please select a file or files"" default location alias """ & _ My Path & """ multiple selections allowed true) as string" & vb New Line & _ "set applescript's text item delimiters to """" " & vb New Line & _ "return the Files" My Files = Mac Script(My Script) On Error Go To 0 If My Files "" Then With Application . Enable Events = False End With My Split = Split(My Files, ",") For N = LBound(My Split) To UBound(My Split) ' Get the file name only and test to see if it is open.

Get Open Filename("Word files (*.docx),*.docx", , _ "Browse for file containing table to be imported") If wd File Name = False Then Exit Sub '(user cancelled import file browser) Set wd Doc = Get Object(wd File Name) 'open Word file With wd Doc If wd Doc.tables. Additionally, if you want to filter for multiple files, change ' to ' ' if you want to filter on xls and csv files, for example.

Text) On Error Go To 0 Next Excel Row Next word Col End With Next Table No End If End With Set wd Doc = Nothing End Sub Sub Select_File_Or_Files_Mac() '''''' Code for Mac Dim My Path As String Dim My Script As String Dim My Files As String Dim My Split As Variant Dim N As Long Dim Fname As String Dim mybook As Workbook '''''''''''''' Variables from PC code ''''' Application. Enable Events = False Dim s Dim i As Long Dim Myrow As Long Dim Clrow As Long Dim c As Variant Dim Mcat As String '' Main Catagory Dim Scat As String '' Sub Catagory Dim Ncat As String Dim Rws As Worksheet Dim Cvsws As Worksheet Dim Pwb As Workbook Dim Cvwb As Workbook '''''''''''''''''''' Dim ww As String ww = This Workbook.

You can alter Word options to set it update fields before printing with following steps: Option Explicit Public With Events obj Word As Word.

Application Private Sub obj Word_Document Before Close(By Val obj Doc As Document, var Cancel As Boolean) Dim str Button Value As String Application.

Select all embedded Visio objects with VBA Select all embedded Visio objects with Kutool for Word Instead of selecting the embedded Visio objects one by one, it is easier to select all of them with VBA in Word.

VBA code can select all embedded objects, do as follows: Step 1: Press Alt F11 to open VBA window; Step 2: Click Module from Insert tab, put the code into Module window; Step 3: Click Run button or press F5 to apply the VBA.

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