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Launching first in Amsterdam in 2012 before expanding to European cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, and Barcelona, Vermeulen’s The Inner Circle is now making its way to the Big Apple.We can see the skeptical eye rolls from here, like, “Cool, another dating app to take up space on your phone.” But unlike Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Bumble, where pretty much anybody with a phone and/or a Facebook can sign up, the Inner Circle screens prospective members before allowing them to join.They teach you skills that you can apply in any one situation to maximize your chances of attracting, dating and creating a relationship with any one girl you like. Unless you settle down into a relationship with one of the girls you meet, it requires a constant effort of 'meeting new women'. How many hours do you typically invest in meeting a girl? Everyone who has learned dating skills over the long term knows this (all the guys I know that learned them over the last 10 years for example). In the finance world we save and spend less to use the money for investment.Investing your efforts in new relationships, that depending on the way you approach it could be very short term. Versus how long that relationship stays in your life - and continues to contribute value to it? In this scenario you will forego short term opportunities with women (choose to make them friends instead of girlfriends) for the greater goal of building a social circle asset in your life over the long term.

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Imagine an English girl is finding herself in Singapore for two days for a work meeting but then has nothing to do and no one to meet.At Full Circle Dating, we invite you to jump in at whatever part of the circle feels right.We are based in Amsterdam and we are unlike any other dating sites or agencies you have ever heard of. Because we are a full-service dating agency that provides various services to help our clients find love not just by setting them up, but also by helping them feel confident on the inside and outside if that is something they would like to work on.Approaching dating as a lifestyle will enable you to get much higher quality women - if you are interested in the best - read on. As with the finance world, this is how the most successful people do it. This product requires you to invest 6 months (reasonable estimate) to build a social circle and lifestyle that brings you more quality friends, other value such as access to good clubs and events, and of course the higher quality women.Most dating advice teaches us how to take a short term approach to fixing our 'dating lives'. It requires sacrifice in the short term as all 'investing' does.

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