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The interaction is about enjoying their energies and presence whilst conversing,” he says. The females are seated on desks, and are given an opportunity to talk to each guy for only 3 minutes,” he narrates.He further explains that the participants indicate on their cards if they are interested in their 3-minute encounter or not.The index is particularly valuable for learning about specific palynological taxa, time periods or locations.

A detector is moved along the ground above the pipe.The collection therefore includes a vast library of printed images for many of the genera encountered The palaeontological value of an extant collection lies in helping us to understand the prevailing environmental conditions of the last c. Pollen grains and spores are found in most sedimentary deposits and have been around since pre-Cambrian times, making them reliable dating tools.As many species require specific environmental conditions to survive, their presence in the fossil record can reveal changes in climate.The Duxbury collection contains dinoflagellate cysts from rocks formed during the Cretaceous period in the Isle of Wight.The collection consists of over 100 slides of Cretaceous dinoflagellate cysts, collected by Stanley Duxbury on the Isle of Wight.

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